We deliver on our brand promise of creating IMPACT by consistently following our results-driven process of research, strategy, implementation and measurement.

To us, impact has many meanings. Impact is changing the game. Impact is creating opportunities.  Impact is delivering real results. Impact is being part of something special.

We believe in using the power of sport and entertainment sponsorships to deliver impact – and for more than 20 years we have consistently done so for sponsors, rights holders and athletes through our BRANDS, RIGHTS and TALENT teams.


Working with sponsors, we follow a strategic approach founded in research to create solutions that deliver measurable impact for their brand. Leveraging sponsorships and organizing events, we engage with fans around their passion points, bringing them closer to sponsors and creating opportunities to drive real business returns from sponsorships.


Partnering with rights holders we seek to gain an in-depth understanding of their sponsorship properties. This allows us to follow a structured and scientific approach to securing sponsors that are the perfect fit for all parties.


Continuously creating impact for our clients, through honest partnerships, our international network and over 18 years of industry experience.

Our team of highly skilled specialists are dedicated to maximising player opportunities through contract negotiation, personal brand management, succession planning and ad-hoc consulting services.

Our Process





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