The Bidvest Unity Walk is a mass participation event and an activation for Bidvest’s staff and families, which aims to unite the Bidvest family on one day across SA. The 6th Bidvest Unity Walk grew to become a 4-city event, with over 90,000 employees participating simultaneously, making it one of the largest mass participation events in South Africa! The event was fully sponsored by Bidvest and walkers were treated to a brilliant day out and a first-class SA entertainment experience.


“A walk for extraordinary people”, which unites Bidvest staff and raises awareness of the QuadPara Association of SA. This annually anticipated event aims to bring staff together – from divisional MDs to cleaning staff – building company spirit and endorsing family values. The more employees participate, the greater the value Bidvest donates.


Together with Bidvest, MSCSports created a unique event format, with four regional events taking place on the same day in PE, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, at the same time, under the same company banner. A nationwide message from CEO Brian Joffe rallied employees to get out there and walk for good. The Walk was uniquely supported by a large army of Bidvest companies and staff who rallied behind the event, promoting it across individual Bidvest company social media sites and personal pages, encouraging each other to take part.

The event provided the perfect way to bring Bidvest employees together and for teams to ‘walk with each other’, learning more about each other along the way. This experiential activation of group pride, gave new meaning to Bidvest’s unique positioning: Proudly Bidvest. Pride also flowed from the fact that everybody who gave of their time and their sweat grasped the tangible outcome of their 10km stride: new mobility aids to assist beneficiaries to integrate into mainstream society.

The corporate walk was uniquely planned to make it easy for staff to take part, with convenient parking, a secure kiddies area and transport services, as well as top-class entertainment, and free food and refreshments on the day. Post-event surveys confirmed the elevated staff pride and the consensus that the event had been exceptionally planned to meet their needs.


• Highest number of participants in 6 years with a total of 94,533 people taking part (37% increase in participation rate year on year).
• Over 30,000 staff members participated (8% increase in participation rate year on year)
• Research confirmed elevated pride and recognition
305 wheelchairs donated


• Nominated for Best Mass Participation Event in 2011 in the Discovery Sports Industry Awards


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“For Bidvest, this is a day that make us proud and gives us immense gratification. This would not be possible without the support, experience and expertise of MSCSports. Year after year they have succeeded in delivering an exceptional event. Due to the size of the Bidvest Group, there are significant intricate logistics and administration involved in coordinating the event. In addition, an event of this magnitude also has a substantial Budget. MSCSports have been excellent in managing both the detail around the Event logistics and the Budget and we’ve always had complete peace of mind that they managed everything responsibly and with integrity.”

Lindsay Ralphs – CEO Bidvest