Cecil Nurse has had a successful and ongoing partnership with SuperSport as a proud co-sponsor of the International Cycling Broadcast as well as are squeezeback partners of the International Cricket Tests, ODI’s and T20’s


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Troika Imagineering Works


Cecil Nurse’s main goal was to increase brand saliency and awareness of the Cecil Nurse brand promise. They wanted to speak directly to the target market and increase their overall brand equity by establishing the company as the undisputed leader in office furniture solutions in Southern Africa.


As a designer, supplier, retailer and manufacturer of a vast range of office furniture and related office accessories, branding is crucial for Cecil Nurse’s products and services, which are inherently sold in larger consumer markets. That’s why MSCSPORTS came up with a solution that would reach the right target market on the right scale. Through the broadcast co-sponsorship of International Cycling, International Cricket and various other media solutions, MSCSPORTS has helped Cecil Nurse in expertly targeting their desired market segments, increasing saliency and awareness of the brand.

“Partnering with MSCSPORTS is of value to us as we prefer to focus on above-the-line methods of marketing. In both consumer and B2B marketing, MSCSPORTS has helped us stand out from our competition.MSCSPORTS has assisted us in bringing our competitive positioning to life and reinforcing ourselves as the leaders in all things office furniture.We feel that by using the services of MSCSPORTS, our initiatives have created increased brand equity for Cecil Nurse.”

Sabrina O’Hagan – Marketing Manager, Cecil Nurse

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