In sponsorships, alignment is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. Recognising this,Toyota gave its unequivocal support to the Cheetahs. While the Cheetahs could provide a fan-base perfectly aligned to their Hilux customer, a Currie Cup win would offer the exposure Toyota needed to put the new Hilux on the map.


MSCSPORTS Case Study Toyota


When the team wins, the sponsor wins. Bullishly, Toyota and the Cheetahs set their most ambitious goal for the year: To win the Currie Cup.

While the team focused on winning on the field, Toyota supported the team by throwing their weight behind the sponsorship off the field.

The following objectives were identified:

  • Promote the new Hilux, maintaining or increasing sales.
  • Generate a minimum ROI of 3:1.
  • Increase home stadium attendance by 20%.


The overall integrated campaign hinged off the Hilux positioning of “tougher-er,” a message strong enough to align both players and product. For the first time, the Cheetahs team were used by Toyota in their ATL communications, taking sports sponsorship right through-the-line.

To further generate hype and talkability, a trans-media social campaign called #Hiluxinyourhands was developed, where you could “Tweet-a-photo” while attending a match at the Toyota Stadium and stand a chance of winning a Hilux.

Excitement and vibe was the brief for Toyota Day, where entrance for all Toyota and Cheetahs’ fans was free. Tickets were distributed via the stadium, online, through schools, and via Toyota dealerships, logically bringing feet through showrooms. Kids, adrenaline junkies and VIPS all had an action-packed day of fun!

Beyond the Toyota Stadium, the vibey Toyota Tailgate activation was introduced – providing preferential parking, braaiing and socialising at stadia to existing and potential Toyota owners as well as Cheetah fans who could be targeted for sales.


Vehicle Sales:

  • Hilux sales increased by 2% – in a sluggish vehicle sales economy, Toyota was thrilled!

Media and Brand Exposure:

  • Toyota generated an ROI of 6:1 on Brand Exposure alone.
  • It received phenomenal media value (TV, Radio, Print, Online) of R674m
  • Toyota received the most Media Exposure of all Team Sponsors in the Currie Cup*.
  • It also received the most Media Exposure of all Vehicle Sponsors in Rugby*.

Brand Association:

  • Toyota had the highest Spontaneous Brand Association of all vehicle sponsors in rugby*.

Stadium Attendance:

  • Increased by 53%.
  • The final was sold out with a crowd attendance of 43,401.


  • Trended at the first and final match and appeared in the Top 10 Trends in SA.
  • Generated more than 10,000 tweets.

Toyota Tailgate:

  • 1,500 Toyota Vehicles were parked in the Toyota Fan Zone.
  • 10,000 Toyota Cheetahs Fans participated.

Toyota Day:

  • 37,000 free tickets distributed.

Currie Cup Final:

  • The Toyota Cheetahs won the Currie Cup by beating the Bulls 36 – 16!


  • Nominated for Most Creative Activation in 2015 in the Discovery Sports Industry Awards
  • Nominated for Best Sponsorship of Team in 2016 in the Discovery Sports Industry Awards

“MSCSPORTS’ efficiency, passion and commitment with which they activate our sponsorship means that we have peace of mind knowing that it will be executed flawlessly. We are so impressed with the initiatives that MSCSPORTS have created to help us achieve our sponsorship objectives.”

Kerry Roodt – General Manager – Marketing Communications Toyota SA

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